I'd Know You Forever

Iā€™d Know You Forever chronicles a day in the life of Eric, a struggling heroin addict when his sister surprises him at his apartment.


The Team

  • Director: Layne Marie Williams

  • Writer: Kristen Tepper

  • Assistant Director: Ashley Lackinger

  • DP: Atara Wolf

  • 2nd Camera: Ethan Soo

  • Script Supervisor: Coco Fernandez

  • Sound: Sam Henkels

  • Lighting: Katelyn Zenie

  • Production Assistant: Samantha Rodriguez

  • Extra: Will Mason


It all started when...

As the opioid epidemic continues its slow and devastating infestation of the Chicagoland area. Kristen Tepper felt the impact on almost a yearly basis as she watched loved ones, friends, families and towns crippled by effects of heroin abuse. The common misconceptions about heroin abuse and the affected drove Kristen Tepper to write an unadorned yet haunting depiction of one day in the life of Eric when his younger sister surprises him to spend the day together.